Hi. My name is Brent Flink.

I’m a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Copywriter with years of experience. In fact, since 1986 I’ve been helping companies large and small succeed in talking to their customers. I’ve helped sell products, promote ideas, build brands and capture audiences. For all sorts of companies and organizations. Probably some just like yours.

This site is a sampling of what I’ve done and what I’m about.

Hopefully, something here strikes a chord with you and you can see how I might be able to help you sell your product, build your brand or speak more effectively to your clients, customers or prospects.

I’m currently employed as a Senior Graphic Designer, Copywriter (and sometimes Video Editor) at an organic food company here in Vancouver but I’m always on the lookout for interesting new opportunities, side projects and creative endeavors of all kinds.

Say hello, ask a few questions if you like or just fire back some criticisms if that’s the way you roll. But do get in touch.

I really like what I do and, if I dare say so, I’m pretty good at it. Odds are, I could be just the person you’re looking for to solve that pesky marketing dilemma. I do side projects in the evenings and on weekends and have turned out some nice CD packaging and TV spots over the past few years that way.

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