As long as people have a choice of brands, we’ll be helping them choose yours.

We help companies discover and communicate their unique value
—then tell their stories through print design, video, packaging, and advertising.

Our work boosts sales, affects change, builds memorable brands, and reinvigorates failing ones.

We call it ideas amplified


We’ll work with you to help position your product to succeed, then develop an identity and messaging platform that differentiates and supports your brand.

Once you know how to communicate your differences, marketing can really get some traction.


Studies claim that you have as few as 3 seconds to catch a customer’s eye in store. Your packaging has to deliver on quality, flavour, variety and value and be perceived as better than the other brand or you lose sales. In 3 seconds.

We can help you sell more effectively to retailers, stand out on the shelf and start building real sales success.

and Promotion

We’ve helped some of BC’s biggest advertisers create their successful ad campaigns and we can do the same for you. We know how to stretch ad budgets and make strategic advertising that works harder. 

Are your ads working as well as they could? 


We love working with our musician friends and the feeling seems mutual. We strive to ensure our designs are a reflection of the artists’ personality and intent.

And we’ve twice been awarded “Best CD Design in Canada” at the GMA Canada Covenant Awards.