It was the summer of 2016. Things were slow. Like really slow. Whistling-cowboys-and-rolling-tumbleweeds-kind-of-slow.

I made client calls and everything was stalled. I did prospecting calls and nobody was ready to proceed with design work. Then I popped over to Craigslist and started to answer ads for freelance design help.

Next thing ya’ know, I’m an IATSE 891 Permittee and working in the Art Department on Nickelodeon’s production of “Escape from Lemoncello’s Library”.

Working on a TV movie was an amazing experience!

Under the direction of Art Director, Brent Harron and Production Designer, Chris August I cranked through dozens of design pieces helping to transform my hometown of Cloverdale into the fictional town of Alexandriaville (previously Smallville in the Superman TV Series) where the story is set. I was also fortunate to be able to see the Set Dec team apply my design work then watch filming take place against my newly created restaurant, garage and chamber of commerce.

Working in Film and TV is tough! When you’re a part of a crew you’re working 12 hour days (even more for some departments) and the pace is unrelenting. But seeing my design work help transform a scene was amazing!

“Escape from Lemoncello’s Library” aired on Nickelodeon October 9th 2017.

(Below) Opening scenes in Alexandriaville (Cloverdale). A gift shop transformed into Kyle Keeley’s Dad’s Garage, a salon becomes Angelo’s Restaurant. Various banners, signs and artwork help make Cloverdale disappear.

(Below) The main character, Kyle Keeley also loves drawing and games. I did the dozens of doodles and drawings that cover his walls and desktop blotter. So many doodles…..

I’ve since done a couple of warm-n-fuzzy Christmas movies for Hallmark and had a short stint on the upcoming ABC Series, “The Crossing” but unfortunately, film and TV work is tough to schedule in amongst other things with its 60 hour weeks. It may be a verrrrrrry long time before I’m finally an IATSE union member. But who knows?

I’m Brent Flink and I run a graphic design studio in Langley BC. Get in touch if you need to transform your town or sell some products! (…or if you’d like help with your latest Hollywood Blockbuster!)