11 10, 2018

Flink Creative named a 2018 “WISE 50 Over 50 Award Winner”.


"Seniorpreneurs". We're turning experience into business!Entrepreneurs create jobs and power the Canadian economy. And many older Canadians are doing their part by turning their experience into a businesses.The “WISE 50 Over 50 Awards” recognize the success of entrepreneurs across Canada who started their businesses after age 50.www.50over50awards.ca/2018-winners [...]

Flink Creative named a 2018 “WISE 50 Over 50 Award Winner”.2018-10-11T12:31:59+00:00
4 10, 2018

Snipes, Snipes & More Damn Snipes!


Messaging Hierarchy or "Why Drawing Attention to Everything Equals Drawing Attention to Nothing". For smaller brands with limited advertising budgets, your packaging may be the ONLY experience your customers have with your brand. Packaging has to do a lot of “heavy lifting” when it comes to selling a product. [...]

Snipes, Snipes & More Damn Snipes!2018-10-11T12:31:20+00:00
1 10, 2018

Better, faster (and usually cheaper) graphic design.


... or, "The Importance of Creative Briefs". Graphic designers should solve business problems. If you’re used to telling your designer what to do, you’re… Doing yourself a disservice Wasting time and money Working with the wrong designer Treating them like a vendor instead of a trusted partner All [...]

Better, faster (and usually cheaper) graphic design.2018-10-04T10:41:26+00:00