4 10, 2018

Snipes, Snipes & More Damn Snipes!


Messaging Hierarchy or "Why Drawing Attention to Everything Equals Drawing Attention to Nothing". For smaller brands with limited advertising budgets, your packaging may be the ONLY experience your customers have with your brand. Packaging has to do a lot of “heavy lifting” when it comes to selling a product. [...]

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1 10, 2018

Better, faster (and usually cheaper) graphic design.


... or, "The Importance of Creative Briefs". Graphic designers should solve business problems. If you’re used to telling your designer what to do, you’re… Doing yourself a disservice Wasting time and money Working with the wrong designer Treating them like a vendor instead of a trusted partner All [...]

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18 07, 2018

People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves (Medium)


I've long held the belief that people "wrap themselves" in brands as a shortcut to showing the world who they believe themselves to be. This article by Zander Nethercutt on Medium seems to corroborate that idea. Enjoy. What Apple, Samsung, and Starbucks learned from Pepsi The year was 1957, and [...]

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16 07, 2018

3 Rules for Building a Brand Your Customers Will Love. (Inc. Magazine)


An article on Branding from Inc. Magazine I thought you may find helpful. Though I'm sure there are more than just 3 rules. :) If you're going to create a brand that draws people in, you have to focus on three things. You probably have go-to brands for every [...]

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28 06, 2018

Here’s Why You Absolutely Have to Stop Using Jargon at Work. (Entrepreneur Magazine)


I came across this great article from Entrepreneur Magazine and thought it worthy of sharing. (especially as I've been prattling on about language recently). Enjoy. Let's all not talk about 'data dumps' anymore, okay? Angel funding, crowdsourcing, early adopters, freemium, influencers, thought leadership, going viral: Not that long ago, most [...]

Here’s Why You Absolutely Have to Stop Using Jargon at Work. (Entrepreneur Magazine)2019-02-19T07:19:03+00:00
24 06, 2018

In praise of colourful language.


Descriptive words build value. A well-written product description defends your price, differentiates your product from other similar choices and delights customers who feel they have just found what they’ve always been looking for! The cool thing? A well-written description costs no more than a badly done one and can [...]

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8 03, 2018

A “Beer for Girls” Fizzles Out (from DesignTaxi.com)


Interesting story for International #WomensDay.They may have meant well but really failed in the execution.What do YOU think? Valiant effort or EPIC FAIL?Tongue-In-Cheek ‘Beer For Girls’ Campaign For Gender Inequality Backfires as BrewDog, a craft brew company, has come under fire for its latest marketing stunt.The company launched ‘Beer For Girls’ as part of a tongue-in-cheek [...]

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17 06, 2017

An Exciting New Snack Brand and a Great New Client!


Inno Specialty Foods was started by a local family bakery in Coquitlam just a few years back. Recently, Costco agreed to give their "Coconut Love", coconut snack some shelf space and sales were impressive! Coconut Love was outselling a number of more familiar snacks —including some decadent chocolate treats. [...]

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24 07, 2016

Conversations build relationships.
Monologs? Not so much.


My brother and I were having a conversation the other day about parenting. We talked about our kids and how we valued their trust and openness. It’s a new generation. Our kids think differently, and make their own choices. It’s hard at times, but we are closer because we have conversations that [...]

Conversations build relationships.
Monologs? Not so much.
15 07, 2016

5 Ways to Better Understand Your Customers


How well do you know the people you’re trying to reach? When you engage the services of a designer or marketing firm, it’s important to remember who you’re supposed to be talking to. Your customer. The designer may like this or that solution but if it’s not relevant to [...]

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30 06, 2016

Free money!


Did you know that your BC Government wants you to succeed? Helping business helps people get jobs. (and I’m sure they appreciate the extra tax revenue successful businesses provide) The IAFBC (Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia) has funds available to help your small food business grow through a variety of [...]

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24 06, 2016

The case for rebranding


I was at a discussion panel on Branding last night (yeah. I have an exciting social life). Four seasoned experts were in attendance, sharing their views on branding, process and messaging. — the Creative Director from a well-respected packaging firm, the Creative Director of a web marketing company, the [...]

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17 06, 2016

Colour me confused


Ever notice how the corporate colour on your vehicles looks all wrong online? Or how the PowerPoint presentation you loved onscreen looked terrible printed out? You’re not going crazy and your office equipment is likely ok. It’s due to the different ways we see colour and represent colour. It’s [...]

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21 03, 2016

What makes you think you’re so special?


You don’t? Why not? The fact is each of us and each of our businesses are special in some way. And our challenge as business people is to find ways that best describe our uniqueness. Branding is much more than having a logo and business card. It’s the expression of [...]

What makes you think you’re so special?2017-11-14T17:30:21+00:00