3 11, 2017

My summer project with Nickelodeon!


It was the summer of 2016. Things were slow. Like really slow. Whistling-cowboys-and-rolling-tumbleweeds-kind-of-slow. I made client calls and everything was stalled. I did prospecting calls and nobody was ready to proceed with design work. Then I popped over to Craigslist and started to answer ads for freelance design help. [...]

My summer project with Nickelodeon!2019-02-19T07:19:42+00:00
17 06, 2017

An Exciting New Snack Brand and a Great New Client!


Inno Specialty Foods was started by a local family bakery in Coquitlam just a few years back. Recently, Costco agreed to give their "Coconut Love", coconut snack some shelf space and sales were impressive! Coconut Love was outselling a number of more familiar snacks —including some decadent chocolate treats. [...]

An Exciting New Snack Brand and a Great New Client!2019-02-19T07:19:54+00:00