Unless you hire designers and marketers every day, you’ve likely got a few questions.

This is a collection of our FAQs.

We’re too close to this industry sometimes and assume people understand more than they do. But why would you need to know about kerning, leading, web-hosting and graphic design? You wouldn’t. Until you need it.

Please ask questions.

The only “dumb question” as they say, is the one you didn’t ask. Assumptions and misunderstandings can create disappointment. Who needs that? Our aim is to have you fully engaged in the process and not only understand what we’re doing but why. Got a question that’s not here? Please ask.

I was hoping for someone local. Not sure it’ll work if you’re waaaaayy out in “The Burbs”.

For years we’ve worked less than 100 feet from many of our internal clients yet most of the time, for most projects, we communicated via email, messenger apps and through a project management system. We had occasional meetings but most of the time, those meetings could have been handled better via phone or email. With apps like Zoom and Skype, we can video conference whenever and wherever. We can assure you, you’ll never feel like we’re far away or hard to reach.

I already know what I want. Can you just make me a quick logo?

That’s similar to walking into your doctor’s office and saying “My chest feels tight. I think I need a double bypass”.

Self-diagnosis in marketing can be somewhat the same (albeit a lot less serious). Our value is in working with clients to hear about their companies, and their problems before diagnosing a cure.

Do I have full rights to the artwork when we’re done?

Yes and no. Once we’ve been paid in full, you’ll have rights to the project files we’ve been contracted to produce but not the source files from which they’re made. That means for example, that you’ll get press-ready PDF files for your print projects, but not the Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop files and fonts used.

It’s much like going to a restaurant for a meal. You’ve bought a delicious meal —not their recipes and cooking lessons.

Do you do Joomla websites?

Sorry. No. We create WordPress-powered websites for our clients. WordPress has become one of the World’s most popular website platforms and is currently used by over 75 million sites around the world. Their users include Disney, MTV, Sony, BBC, Bloomberg, the New York Times, EBay and CNN. We find that WordPress provides maximum flexibility and a short learning curve allowing clients to get up to speed quickly when they take over management of their site.

Do you provide hosting?

No. We help our clients set up their own hosting. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you understand how to make changes, add content and manage your site. When it comes to more complex issues, we’re always happy to help. But our aim is to help you save money and equip you to succeed.

I have more complex needs. I’d like a storefront and some other stuff. Can you help with that?

We have associates in web design who we can bring in on more complex projects. We’ll manage your project with you ensuring you get what you’re looking for at a price you can afford.