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You’ve Worked Hard to Make Your Album a Reality. Make Sure Your Packaging Works Just as Hard to Get Sales.

As a musician your music and your personality are your brand and a well-designed CD speaks to the level of commitment you have about your music.

At Flink Creative, we sweat the details that turn a good CD design into a great one. A good-looking CD package tells your fans to expect excellence in writing, musicianship and recording. It says you’re committed to giving them the same great experience in the music they take home as the music they enjoyed at your show. And it gives them confidence to buy a copy.

We LOVE Working With
Our Musician Clients (slash) Friends.

And they love working with us.

Why do our musician clients keep coming back?
Because we respect and admire the work they do of putting themselves out there.

Creating what you have to share with the world. Your view. Your thoughts, your words and your talent. You’ve worked hard to craft a collection of songs and we’re honoured to work on packaging them. We see it as a creative collaboration and take great pains to ensure we understand.

What makes us better at CD Packaging Design?

Well, to start with, we absolutely LOVE doing it!

We take the time to get to know our musician clients. What they like. What they don’t. How they tick. And we take the time to discover where their heads are at in regards to each project.

  • What’s the net takeaway?
  • What are the key emotional drivers?
  • What are the themes?

All that touchy-feely stuff. Because inspiration lurks between the sighs and shrugs and tossed off phrases— an inspiration that’s just begging to be visualized somehow.

We’re experienced with the nuances of type and colour that help convey a particular feeling or set a tone. And we’re all about visually harmonizing with the sounds you make.

And lastly, we’re pretty darn good at this! (if we do say so ourselves)

We’ve even been awarded “Best CD/DVD Packaging Design in Canada” by the (GMA’s) Gospel Music Association of Canada. — TWICE!

Better Graphic Design
Sells More Albums.

Flip through our collection of album designs at work.
When can we add your CD to the list?

Can you help me with my website, social media, posters and advertising?

Absolutely! We’ve done it all. For clients and budgets of all types. We can probably save you money too if we are contracted to do your marketing at the same time as your packaging. Why? Because when we know the road ahead, we can create your visual assets to work across the many areas where you need them. Designing your poster and cover art together for example, saves loads of time (and costs) in rebuilding files later.

We can help with:
CD Packaging, Point of Sale Materials, Concert Posters, WordPress Websites, Social Media Channel Branding, Social Media Planning and Posts, and probably more…

Their testimonials are music to our ears.

How rare is it to work with a creative that really listens? Really…. listens? Brent is that guy. Every time I’ve worked with him he has exceeded expectations. He starts with a clear vision of a project, and very quickly Brent delivers a concept that is not only what I envision but is several steps beyond it, a perfect visual to represent my album project. I simply cannot imagine working with anyone else.

Spencer Capier, Singer/Songwriter

Still on a high from Saturday night at the @gmacanada Awards, where “Orbits” won Folk Album of the Year & CD/DVD artwork design of the year. More than that, I received affirmation from some of my heroes and so much warm encouragement from friends and fans. Still feels like a dream I had.

Keith Kitchen, GMA Canada Award-Winner, Best Folk Album, 2017

It’s time to take your packaging design as seriously as you take your music. Get in touch. And let’s get started on your next great album!

We’d love to work with you to take your next album further! Get in touch today!

We’ll talk about you. Your vision for this upcoming project and what we can do to help make the CD packaging and marketing as great as the music on it! We look forward to working with you!