Project Description

Inno Specialty Foods was started by a local family bakery in Coquitlam just a few years back. Recently, Costco agreed to give their Coconut Clusters snack some shelf space and sales were impressive! Coconut Clusters were outselling a number of more familiar snacks —including some decadent chocolate treats. Excited, our new clients wanted to leverage this success and begin approaching other retail chains.

But first, their head of sales advised a brand makeover.

Their early package designs were done by an amateur designer and family friend. The packaging lacked impact. Colours were muted, design was poor and the product photography made for a weak presence on shelf.

We began by doing store visits to review the organic and natural snack food options then did some exploration online. We learned quite a lot and began applying those lessons to the new InnoFoods look.

Nobody needs snacks.

Snacks are a “nice-to-have” and never a “must”. Even more so with an organic, premium-priced snack — that product has to command your attention and imagination. We felt their brand should be fun as they were focused on snacks. And it should be playful since we wanted to communicate that organic snacks can be even tastier than conventional ones.

We convinced them to shorten their name and designed a cleaner, simpler logo. Next, we used torn edges, “hand-made” font styles and big bold product images to amp up the fun. As before, we called out the flavours with insets of the organic ingredients but added an intensified colour treatment to make the varieties easier to discern.

We also developed some fun graphic snipes for use as tone-on-tone patterns on shipping boxes, point-of-sale and the bottom gusset of the bags.

So far, the response has been fantastic and a number of major retailers across Canada have expressed interest in carrying the line as have Costco’s international affiliates in USA, Australia and Asia. People, it seems, are nuts for their coconuts.

InnoFoods have a lot of other innovative ideas in the works as well, moving way beyond typical snacks! Watch for them in your local supermarket. From what the sales team tell me, you’ll soon be seeing them everywhere!