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Popular Cereal Moves From Functional To Flavourful.


Research told the management team at Nature’s Path that Optimum was selling based on its flavour, not nutritional profile despite the cereal’s athletic endorsements.

My challenge as a new member of the Nature’s Path graphics team was to help reposition the cereal from “functional sports nutrition” to “premium and flavour-focussed”.

I retained the strong colour cues Optimum had and its logotype and tossed the rest.


Where previous packages featured athletes and bold snipes and callouts, the new packages featured larger, closer product shots, strong colour cues and bold flavour-based descriptive language.

Package backs carried warm descriptive variety stories with a little humour. Lastly, each box also featured cross-selling tab ads to introduce you to the other flavours in the line-up.


The new packaging helped turn the brand around and even encouraged Nature’s Path to add a few line extensions. (I still miss that Strawberry Optimum – yummm…).

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