Tired Pizza Chain Site Gets A Fun And Mouth-Watering New Look.


Original Papa Murphy’s Website circa 2020

The Papa Murphy’s Take-N-Bake Pizza Franchise began in 1981 and has been in Canada since 2006. As an offshoot of the considerably larger US chain, they’d been allocated fewer marketing resources and their website had, over time, become dated and difficult for the client to update.

My client and I discussed how the website lacked flavour appeal and seemed to disproportionately focus on attracting new franchisees more than serving the pizza-eating public. The site lacked branding, flavour messages, customers and fun. 


We began by looking at the key differences that Papa Murphy’s offered and how to bring them forward.

We realized that their vegan and vegetarian offerings were largely buried. Their freshness story, toppings variety, and rewards club were also brought forward through the use of a series of banners and stacked boxes with gutters between. The approach also modularized their website allowing the client to easily swap new content in and out within the fixed-size areas.

I also worked to provide an improved customer experience when browsing and ordering pizzas.

Previously, a click-to-order would bring users to an attached SAAS-based ordering system. The system was very limited in its ability to accept design or content variations and provided no means to explain or differentiate the different pizza types and flavour profiles. 

The newly Papa Murphy’s Menu Page

The addition of the categorized Menu Page ahead of the actual pizza ordering allows customers to understand and appreciate the different categories, and menu offerings with more control over the appearance and additional sales messaging.


Papa Murphy’s Canada is no longer the poorly-dressed cousin to the US site. The new Canadian site is finally positioning Papa Murphy’s as the pizza chain that delivers fresh and flavourful options.

The newly designed Papa Murphy’s site 2022

Our previous design was getting old and outdated, lacking fun and flavour. It had a beige appearance (missing colours), and only provided minimal branding opportunities. We needed more ways to explain our concept and the options we provide to customers. Additionally, the way the site was designed led to it becoming difficult to update and as such content was outdated in some cases and links were beginning to break.

Brent and Flink Branding put together a design that solved these issues, bringing forward tons of fun and colour to the site. Now, we’re able to properly display the content we want and tell a better story about our brand to our customers. He helped us position the things that separate Papa Murphy’s from other pizza brands front and center, such as our wide variety of toppings, crusts, and the option to choose from both Take ‘N’ Bake and Cooked in-store pizzas.

So far, the feedback has been great! We’ve heard positive remarks from our customers that the site is easier to navigate, and from our franchisees that it is nicer looking and also helps drive in more sales now that we can better promote our offerings.

Cameron Fruin, Marketing Manager – Papa Murphy’s Pizza (Canada)     

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