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Retail-Friendly Snack Packs For Seafood Company.


SeaChange Seafoods is a brand of Walcan Seafoods. They’ve been selling its premium smoked salmon products to tourists in and around BC for years. The familiar cedar gift boxes with first nations artwork and heavy black wraps have long been a popular souvenir at Vancouver Airport and BC Ferries and tourist shops. In the Spring of 2020, Seachange approached me to design a new, lower-priced product line aimed at general grocery and convenience stores.


I presented 3 different approaches; each with a different visual “back-story” related to smoked salmon.

The first concept was aimed at an older demographic and featured the sorts of huge trophy fishing images common to the walls of bait and tackle shops back in the day. Archival trophy fishing images are presented tone on tone with retro-styled typography.

The second concept attempted to convey the feeling of well-worn smoked wood from a smokehouse. The text was smoke-burned into the wood and flavours were conveyed via colours and called out ingredients.

The third concept was aimed at a younger demographic and featured simpler, bolder typography on an eroded stylized background that symbolized both nets and fish scales.


The team at Seachange approved the “Stylized Scales” approach and expects to be launching in 2021 (or post-pandemic).

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