Most Web Designers Ask You To Provide The Content.

But You’re Not
A Copywriter!

How would you know
what to feature on your website?

Your offices? The assembly line? Your new product lineup? There’s so much you’d like to say … but where do you start?

What should you say?


That’s Just
Not My Style.

I Write Your Web Content With You.

Customers have questions and your website answer them.

My customer-centric approach guides users through your site in an intuitive way that leads them from “curious” to “interested and engaged”.

I understand consumer behaviour and how to write marketing copy. You provide industry-specific information, and I’ll work with you to write copy that informs, excites and motivates sales.

“We were launching a new snack brand and had only a few weeks to create materials for an important trade show.

Brent built our booth, sales presentation, social media ad campaign and even an e-commerce website — all in time for our launch at the show!

Highly recommended.”

Leanne Stasiuk, Basic Grain Products

Web design is one place where if you wanna’ go fast, you need slow down.

So, What’s My Design Process Look Like?

I aim to give you maximum flexibility, while watching out for your budget (and site awesomeness, of course.)


Get in Touch:
Get in touch by filling out the form on my contact page. I’ll follow up by scheduling an introductory video chat where we’ll discuss any particular ideas or concerns you’ve got with your current site or issues you’d like the site to address.

Proposal & Contract:
After we’ve had a chance to talk, I’ll send you a proposal. To move forward you’ll need to approve the proposal by signing and returning it along with a 50% deposit. (remaining amount will be due when work is completed, net 30 days)

Discuss Your Project’s Scope:
We’ll discuss your needs and sales processes as well as the features, functions (like calendars, social feeds, booking systems, chatbots…) and the number of pages your site will require to best present your products’ value to customers.

2. Groundwork Sessions

Positioning Sessions
Two, 90-minute sessions focused on your customers, competitors and current market positioning. We’ll review and analyze your situation and suggest positioning that’ll set you apart.

Brand One-Pager
Your company’s core messaging and positioning in one easy-to-use document. This document provides a solid foundation and acts as reference for all other marketing messaging.

Website Design Brief
The information we’ve uncovered about your brand as well as the functionality, features, and goals you have for your site.


Working with finalized (and approved) content from our Groundwork Sessions, as well as information you and your team provide, I’ll draft initial website copy and create a wireframe. At this point, we can still easily make changes and discuss functionality and user flow.


Depending on the package you choose, I’ll either start roughing in your site or build high-fidelity prototypes that can show links, responsive design features and (for larger budgets) even mockups of animations and transitions.

At the end of this process, all copy and design changes should have been made, as changes beyond this point become slower and more expensive.


With design and copy essentially locked down, we’ll go through the site in search of SEO improvement opportunities, and perform an overall site optimization for speed, security and automated backups.


Last Details
With your site written, designed and optimized, I’ll assist you with domain purchase, DNS records, email servers and site migration.

Training & 30-Days Of Support
I’ll provide a 1-hour training session covering basic site maintenance and minor updates. A recording of our session will also be available to you.

Timing: Typically, my web projects require 8-12 weeks. Simpler, template-style sites can be faster. And e-commerce sites can much slower. If you absolutely need to hit a certain date, please discuss it with me in advance and I’ll try to accommodate.

My Responsive WordPress Websites Feature:

A Solid Strategy

How you say what you say depends on your industry and your customers. I’ll work with you to ensure you’re speaking to the right people in the right ways.

Copy And Design... Together

I don’t just “decorate the text.” The most memorable website designs use both great copy and compelling visuals to tell the story.

A Proven Foundation

I build sites using a WordPress foundation. WordPress sites are currently powering over 40% of all websites. Some of the world’s largest brands have sites built with this powerful CMS platform.

Fast Hosting And Support
My hosting and support packages feature solid security, automated daily backups, and weekly plugin updates so your new business website requires no additional attention from you. It just works.

Get A Price List.

Want my Web Design Pricing? Just give me your details. 🙂

Your Website Sets Customer Impressions About Your Company!

Your website can do so much more than serve as an online brochure or business card.

With the right strategy, customer-oriented messaging and an established lead generation plan, your site can bring you new leads and new business!

It’s time for your website to bring you leads, boost sales — and earn you money!

Increased Sales

Instead of an online brochure, your website can be part of your sales process. Moving prospects further down your marketing funnel towards a sale.

Clearer Messaging

Your website messaging will be clearer when your goals are clearer. What are the aims for your new website? Do you know?

Better User Experience

Good design and user experience (UX) builds trust and makes it easier for customers to navigate, research and interact.

Greater Confidence

The days of feeling embarrassed by your website are over! Your new site will be super fast, responsive and intuitive.

"Knowledgeable With Great Advice."

“Brent was very knowledgeable and had some fantastic advice for us. We’re excited to use our new look, and will continue to use Flink Branding in the future.”

Jim Linnell, Scooters Ice Cream,
Kelowna BC

"He Set Us Apart From Other Pizza Brands."

“Flink Branding helped properly position Papa Murphy’s and separate us from other pizza brands…Customers say the new site is easier to navigate and nicer looking — and so far sales are up too…

Cameron Fruin, 
Papa Murphy’s Pizza (Canada), Vancouver BC

"You've Gotta' Try This Guy!"

“…I had him create a logo, signage, and, of course, a website. I absolutely love how it all turned out. It loads fast, looks great on mobile, and says everything right. You’ve gotta’ try this guy!”

David Myer, 
Strongbacks Landscaping,
White Rock BC

Let’s Build A Brand That Helps Build Your Business!

Your brand can foster desire for your product, make you appear more established, more memomorable and build loyalty. It can help retailers try you out, make you stand out in-store and even become a customer favourite.

If your branding is letting you down, let me help. You know your branding could be better. — Let’s fix it!

Your brand can foster desire for your product, make you appear more established, more memorable and build loyalty. It can help retailers try you out, make you stand out in-store and even become a customer favourite.

If your branding is letting you down, let me help. You know your branding could be better. — Let’s fix it!

Increase Desire.

People like and trust designs that appeal to their sensibilities and demonstrate that a company “gets them”.

Look More Established.

New companies don’t need to look new. The right identity makes brand seem more stable and established.

Be More Memorable.

Great design can help you stand apart and be remembered. And being remembered is certainly a prerequisiste to purchase.

Build Loyalty.

When your identity suits you, and is tied to good feelings, people feel loyal to your brand — despite competition.

Websites You’ll Love… (Almost) As Much As Your Own Products.

Need Help With Your Branding Or Packaging Before Fixing Your Website?

Your website can only do so much if your branding doesn’t appeal to your customers.

If you’ve found your food or beverage brand confused for another or your product perpetually marked down, you may need to look at your brand and your website.

I’m great at creating (and improving) food brands and can help your brand perform better too.

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