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We’re enthusiastic, fun-loving, hard-working, insightful, people who
love what we do.

We love design and marketing.

And we really love putting our thinking to work for people who recognize the value of strategic ideas — the sort that sell products or change opinions.

Let us show you.

Brent Flink

Founder, CEO, Nit-Picker, Creative Director, Receptionist

I’m the “Ad Guy” in our Partnership. Since 1986 I’ve been an Advertising Art Director, Copywriter and have also been Senior Designer at Nature’s Path; a large CPG Food Company. I’ve learned how to solve complicated marketing problems on budget and on strategy. My creative work includes advertising in print, online and television, as well as packaging, social media, corporate video, trade events and loads more.

I’ve traveled extensively, act in local theatre productions, love movies, thrift shops and homemade pizzas.

Caroline Flink

Co-Founder, Voice-Of-Reason, Multimedia Designer, Cheerleader

I’m the tech geek at Flink Creative. A traditionally trained print designer, I also studied New Media Design at BCIT and am the resident video and e-Learning guru. My work includes copy editing, print design, publication rebranding, packaging, social media campaigns, corporate video, and e-learning. I specialize in breaking down complex stories into manageable, memorable, and entertaining content.

I’m a huge music nut, an animal advocate and super geeked about tattoos, thrift shops & upcycling furniture.


Mascot, Alarm System, Couch Warmer, Chief Cuddler

Head of Recreation at Flink Creative. I’m somewhat new here but make my presence felt every day. An atypical mix of Boxer and German Short-haired Pointer, I bring the charm, good looks and vocals to Flink Creative. A days work includes finishing leftover treats, asking for more food, enforcing a mandatory exercise regimen, understanding my humans’ code and welcoming visitors – hi friends!

I love meaty things. And things that smell like meat. And chewing stuff. I’m a big sleeper and love walks anytime – oh and cheese. 

We challenge ourselves to higher standards.
We hope you will too.

These are a few of the beliefs we hold dear.
If you do too, we could have a match made in Advertising Heaven. 

1. Your customer rules

The materials you hire us to create aren’t made for us. They aren’t made for you either, really. They’re created for your customer. It doesn’t matter what we think or prefer. What matters is that it works.

It matters that your ads and brochures speak to your customers in ways they understand and appreciate. And in ways that consistently support your brand positioning. Your executions may change over time but barring some significant change in your company or your product, your positioning should not.

2. Ideas are powerful and worth fighting for

We know great ideas are powerful things and that the right idea, delivered the right way to the right people, can change perceptions, change minds and possibly even change the world. Sometimes those ideas are products and sometimes they are the communication around a product. Effective marketers can bring a beer brand back from the brink of extinction, get people to use a product in new ways (baking soda) or create a slogan that becomes part of the vernacular (What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas).

We’re excited by these possibilities.

3. The devil is in the details

A well-designed, well-written piece of communication is a thing of beauty. And while there’s no empirical evidence to suggest a well-designed piece succeeds more than a merely ok piece, the success of brands that sweat the details is evident. While few people may be able to point out the subtleties of a design that “just missed”, people inherently know when something feels good and when it’s well done. And the result is increased brand trust and loyalty. (just ask an Apple user if they’d consider switching computers).

4. Sometimes sacred cows are really just cows

Just because someone says it’s always done a certain way, doesn’t mean it always will be. Innovations come when you least expect them and they are seldom what was asked for. If you knew to expect them, they wouldn’t be truly new or innovative would they? Great ideas can sometimes spill out over the edges of predetermined projects and take on a life of their own. We look for these opportunities with every project.

We aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions and hope you won’t be either.

5. Know where you’re going and why?

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. ~Lewis Caroll

What is the immediate marketing need right now? Informing current customers? Winning new ones? Launching a product? One piece of communication can only do so much. Be realistic about your goals and committed to reaching them over time. Awareness has to be built before your brand can be the favourite (for example). Do you know what level of awareness your brand currently enjoys? Are your customers seeing and recalling your ads? Do you have a plan to reach your niche audience? What will success look like? Setting objectives is key to measuring results.

6. Enjoy the journey

We think of our clients as friends, and like any good friendship, we’re in it for the long haul. We want to make people feel at ease and be able to enjoy a laugh or two. Even in meetings.

While we take your work seriously, we’re not uptight. We’re fun people and we’d like you to be able to feel at ease and enjoy the journey as we work together towards your goals.

“…he touched on nearly every graphics project here, including packaging, sales collateral, trade shows, print ads, social media and corporate video. Brent brings a wealth of expertise…”

Arran Stephens, CEO, Nature's Path Foods

“An excellent, thoughtful, and hard-working designer and very good ideas guy. Brent is always willing to dig hard to find a new, unusual, and better ways of solving design or marketing problems.”

Hamish McIntosh, Principal, McIntosh Creative

“We were struggling with some very complex branding issues and Brent delivered for us big time. He took the time, asked the right questions and came up with a presentation that is us.”

Arden Henley, VP, Canadian Programs, City University of Seattle

“…He’s a prolific idea generator and fun to work with. He quickly understood our needs and was able to generate an excellent variety of concepts. In fact, we had a difficult time choosing just one idea…”

Scott Webb, External Communications, Terasen Gas (Fortis BC)

“…he is always pushing both creative and strategy to make the idea better. Brent writes headlines, makes great advertising and is a fine designer too.”

Ron Blouin, Creative Director, Hot Shop Communications

“There are some guys who can design, some who can come up with the ‘big idea’, some who manage to stay up on new technology; and then there are those rare few who manage to all and more. Brent is one of those few.”

Jeff DeWeerd, Creative Team Lead, Nature's Path Foods

“Brent was able to quickly develop a first class identity for our company… thus, we have received many, many compliments about our catalogue from all over the world.”

Aaron Fader, President, Carica Tools Inc.

“Caroline absolutely delivers! Our client expected something very high caliber. We wanted a professional yet creative, eye catching look. We felt great about what we presented to our client.”

Georganne Oldham, Principal, LeadershipMind Consulting

“Brent is special. … He understands that good design, advertising and marketing programs come from the foundation of a good creative strategy. If he is not supplied with one, he creates one. Then he designs, writes, and art directs.”

Randy Bennett, Creative Director, Bennett Creative Group

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